Code of  Conduct  : 

Living in a society requires everyone to abide by rules in order to achieve the celebrated values of the society. Everest Florida is a society of professionals and aims at imparting quality education along with high degree of social respect and morality. Therefore, Everest Florida gives importance to right attitude and discipline.


Discipline Codes:

  • Students must follow Everest Florida code of conduct. Irresponsible and impolite behavior will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Serious misconduct will be considered as sufficient reason for expulsion.
  • Students should maintain strict avoidance from smoking or chewing tobacco and gums in the college premises, in the college buses or anywhere while being in the college uniform or otherwise will be suspended even without a further chance of clarification or notification to their parents/guardians. Repetition of the same act will result into expulsion from the college eventually.
  • Students must compensate all the expenses for any loss or damage, if caused by them, to the college property.
  • Students will be warned of their minor misconducts for a timely correction and in case of repetition of the misconducts alleged, parents/guardians will be notified accordingly. But in case of gross violation such as; possession, use and peddling of drugs, alcohol, stealing or damaging college property, vandalism or group fight, the college reserves a right to expel the defaulter/s without any explanation or written notice in advance.
  • Students are strictly restricted from visiting parties, cafes, restaurants and picnics (except organized by Everest Florida) in the college uniform and so, if found committing the same, the college management reserves a right to take any action without prior notice to the parents/guardians.
  • +2 Level students are strictly prohibited to ride motorbike in the college uniform.
  • Students should come at or before 6:30 am for morning shift and at or before 11:15 am for day shift. Late comers will be warned at the beginning for their late arrival followed at least 2 day- suspend in case of repeated late arrival.
  • Student should compulsorily bring subject text books and necessary materials like calculator, graphs, stationeries etc.
  • Student should maintain standard note copy, name sticker and log table as prescribed by the college.

Dress Codes: Everest Florida students

  • must put on college dress to be present in the class
  • must maintain crew cut hair (boys) without color
  • must maintain tie-knot properly
  • must tuck the shirt inside the pant
  • must wear the college dress in the standard allowed and must not modify the dress arbitrarily
  • must wear black leather belt and shoes     
  • may use black color scarf/muffler during winter season, if required
  • are strictly prohibited to have: fancy studs, dyed hair, jewelries, cosmetics, goggles, eye make-up, expensive, flashing, and fashionable dresses; and must bring a decent school bag. The bag should be neat and clean with nothing scrubbed on it by student. Fancy bags are not allowed.

Cell Phone using Codes:

  • Students are NOT allowed to use mobile phones inside the college premises.
  • Students must submit cell phone at the Mobile counter and take cell phone coupon from the college administration on every class day. After the classes are over, cell phone shall be returned upon providing the coupon. In case of loss of the coupon, it must be reported immediately to the administration.
  • If a cell phone is found in the class, it will be seized for the whole academic session and the concerned student will be suspended for 2 (Two) days. Cell phone will not be allowed during terminal examinations as well. If found, action will be taken as per the college policy.
  • During emergency, college may allow students to use the cell upon acquiring permission from the administration.
  • The college shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of cell phones if carried in the class rooms.
  • The college shall not be responsible for the lost and misplaced cell phone in absence of Mobile Coupon issued by administration.

Attendance Codes:

  • A minimum of 80% attendance is a must to be qualified for the NEB final examinations.
  • Absentees, without prior written application or without prior telephone call by the parents/guardians, must pay a fine of 100.00 per day.
  • Students who remain absent in the class shall inform the college administration by phone call on the very day and must produce guardian-signed application on the next day for the leave approval.
  • In case of bunking the class students will be suspended for two days and if repeatedly bunked that will lead to expulsion as well.
  • Absence due to ill health should be informed promptly. Guardians or parents should authenticate the leave application by signing on it along with the doctor’s prescription-if possible.
  • Students who remain absent without prior information to the college administration for more than 15 days are subject to expulsion from the college.
  • Once the teacher enters the class, students will not be allowed to enter without the permission slip.

Examination Codes:

  • The college conducts three terminal exams and two unit tests in an academic session.
  • If a student remains absent in the Term Examination, he/she will pay 800.00 for each subject as a fine.
  • Parents/Guardians must accompany their wards to the college administration on the day of Report Card Distribution to collect the results of terminal examinations.
  • Students must score at least 40 percent marks in Second Terminal Examination to be qualified to fill up the Board Examination Form.
  • Students who fail or remain absent in the terminal examinations must appear in re-exam for which a sum of 350.00 will be charged per subject as retest examination fees.
  • Students must follow examination codes developed by the college.

Financial Codes:

  • There is no fee or fine reduction under any circumstance for absentees.
  • Monthly fees must be paid within 15th of each month for which invoice shall be issued.
  • Late fine will be charged at the rate of 15.00 per day for the next fifteen days of the month, and thereafter at the rate of Rs.20.00 per day till the fees are paid.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Fee counter shall remain open from 08:00 am to 3:00 pm on all working days.