Students have high desires and expectations and so do their guardians. From the larger bundle of their desires, ambitions and expectations we can help them a lot to make them more focused, Precise and goal fitted. For this we give a proper guidance and safe environment to propel freely and Achieve their goals. Educations is not simply an intellectual gymnastic but is the weapon that can enhance the quality and career of students.

The value of educations should not be confined within certificate alone. It should be understood honestly at work, sincerely in relationship, responsibly for one’s action and be decorated with quality leadership. One should care for resources, develop ethical values, be socially responsible, build positive attitudes be obedient and cooperative to rules & regulations.

We assure to provide prominent physical facilities and environment of teaching learning activities. We provide rich laboratories and library, hygiene cafeteria and ample of reading materials. This year we are raising health standards in our schooling system to avoid transmission of diseases. We will continue organizing health campaigns like free eye checkup camps, blood donations camps and other activities to increase the health awareness of students and also to encourage them to help the society.

We, therefore welcome all prospective parents and students to see thing as said, practiced and enjoy the company of Everest Florida

Dibyamshu Ghimire