Legal education in Nepal is at a pivotal moment right now. As the nation has embarked on the Federal system of governance, the role of the legal professionals has increased significantly. From local level judicial committees to the federal bureaucracy, the demand for the qualified personals has been increasing day by day. Similarly, as our society has become increasingly complex and regulated, the study of law provides an extraordinary range of knowledge and skills that are highly valued, not only in the rapidly evolving legal profession, but also in the other areas like corporate, governmental, nonprofit, and technological sectors.     
EFHS is evolving and innovating to address the needs and changes brought on by the shifting landscape. We are focused tightly on increasing the value and skills that the college provides to our students. The knowledge and skills you gain over the next couple of years will form the foundation of your legal career. By joining us as a student of law, you can ensure that the foundation you build at KMSS will support your professional goals.
We take a holistic approach to legal education that combines academic rigor with practical experience that will give you the skills needed for successful legal career.  Our commitment is to provide the students with an excellent legal education. Starting on your first day, you will meet with your mentors, experienced attorneys, and academicians to help your transition to be a law student. I invite you to learn more about what we offer, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly on telephone or schedule a visit to our beautiful school.